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msbutterfly has shown me that Clay has gone and gotten hot on us. No, this isn't "I'm kinda dorky but trying to pull it off" hot, this is a true hot. He has officially coined the "fuck me now" look and add glasses and a tan and holy crap.

I mean, what happened, did he take hot pills? Because he was more on the adorable/cutie side of the "sexy" swing. Now he's gone to the "Just damn sexy" side.

I know - an entire entry dedicated to that, but...yeah. I couldn't help it.

When I get my monitor, I have sooooo many pictures to make icons from it's not even funny.

I LOOKED IN MY TV GUIDE and could NOT find a listing for Ryan's television show ANYWHERE. Am I the only one having this problem? If not, give me a heads up as to what channel this is possibly on? I checked fox and UPN around 3-8. NOTHING. On nonetheless.
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