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Clay on Jimmy Kimmel, Thursday the 13th...

...the other guest is Britney Spears.

So, this should be 'special'. Her cd comes out that week, so it'd make sense for her to perform to promote it. But Clay's got the better voice and frankly, he'll actually use it to sing. Hmmm. I wonder.

That's just...and odd pair to stick on a show together. We know how he reacted the last time he met her. Now we all get to see how they interact on television. Good times? I guess we'll see. Clay's got a very magnetic personality and he's charming. Please, Britney. No jumping Clay on national television.

NELLY'S GOT A NEW CD COMING OUT THIS MONTH!!!!! SO DOES JOSH GROBAN (same day as Britney). My money is going out the toilet for least for some, I get a discount. I have to order Nelly off the internet because Walmart doesn't sell explicit cds. >:o Booo. But best buy has free shipping so I will utilize like no one's business until they stop with it.

That's all. Time to channel surf ;)
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