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Dana and I were kinda bored after I woke up from my nap, so we wrote Clareth drabbles!

Clareth = Clay Aiken/Gareth Gates.

Don't know Gareth? He was the runner-up to the very first ever Pop Idol in the UK, losing out to...Will Young. We felt they had so many similarities, like they are both runners-up in their respective countries but yet, more popular than the winners. But anyway, I wanted to post a few of the drabbles. For those of you who don't know what Gareth looks like, here you go.

Okay, so I am mostly posting these for myself and Dana for future readage, y'all defintely read and tell me how much I suck at drabbles. Or not.

The hot breath on your neck was a new, foreign feeling but you had memorized the feeling of his lips on your skin in so many dreams. His long fingers drew small, lazy circles on the inside of your wrist and your mind went into cruise control. When you tangled your legs in his and his body melted into yours, you felt your body hum into his, creating a singsong melody only apparent when he was pressing against you.

He raises his head, giving you that beautiful Gareth Gates smile.

"Clay? Are you…"

"I don’t think I could stay away."


He quickly sat up on his elbows, his nose crinkling at the familiarity of that name. He said it out loud, his thick, southern accent drawing the words out into the hot, California air cascading through the open windows. Gareth. He remembered the last time he muttered it under quick, breathy moans as he thought of the haunting smile that brought him to release – alone in a London hotel room.

Now alone in LA, the man was branding his dreams with visions of swiveling hips and the slick, wet body presenting itself on his television.

Thank God for the satellite.


"Stop watching that."

"Why? It's sexy."

"Baby, I am not sexy, trust me."

"Do you think I'd travel to another continent to be with just anyone?"

"You just want a piece."

"Who better to get it from than someone with those hips?"

"What?!? My hips?"

"Yes...mph...don' that."

"Why not?"

"You know what that does..."

"You make me want to...ooooh."

"Your voice was made for porn."

"We should...fuck...don't...stop."

"Mmmm...I can't..."

"Your mouth...if only they all knew about your...mouth..."


"How hot you look when you suck..."

"Watch me..."



"Ads for lollipops."

"I'm glad you like my video, Gareth."

That's all for now. I like these, they are fun. I'll do some more. Yay for drabbles. :-*
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