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As best you can, list the songs on the album from your most favorite to least favorite
Run to Me
I Survived You
This is the Night
The Way
Measure of a Man
No More Sad Song
I Will Carry You
Perfect Day
When You Say You Love Me

Favorite lyric
How can I be brave enough to say goodbye?
I'd die inside without you
Can't you see it's hard enough to walk away?
Don't look at me
You make me wrong
I've been through this
It made me strong
- the entire bridge to "Run to Me"

Worst lyric
But you forgot to dot some I's and cross some t's along the way-"I Survived You"

Sexiest lyric
I don't want nobody else
And you’ll see that my body is aching
I'm hopelessly taken by you
- "Touch"

Favorite song to sing along with
I Survived You

Song you most want a video for
"Touch". I'm telling you, him during a hot summers day, walking all sexy down the street, running his hands through his hair. Mmmm. That or "Run to Me" and have a Mariah thing going where he's singing in the rain but there is someone else playing the "couple".

Favorite non-vocal musical moment
The beginning of Perfect Day. The piano is beautiful.

Are there any songs you just don't like at all?
The whole cd is pretty damn good.

No More Sad Song or No More Sad Songs
No more sad song. That had to have been a typo when the put "songs"

Would you trade in your mini-poster for the official lyrics?
Um...hell no.

Would you trade in one of the songs for Solitaire to be on the album? If so, which one?
Solitare should have been a bonus track on like...the first 100,000 cds or something. I'd trade in "When you say you love me" if I had to.

If you were given the option of marrying Clay and living happily ever after, but it meant that he could never sing another note again, would you do it?
There's no way.
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