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So...things are not good at all.

Gram took a turn for the worst. More or less everyone is downstairs waiting for her to pass. She's so pale and we keep telling her over and over that Grandpa is waiting for her.

I had to go to the bathroom so I thought I'd just...let people know in case I'm not around. I appreciate the five people on my ENTIRE FUCKING FRIENDS LIST who wished me well. Guess this means I must do a clean out. Like someone else said, I only get interest when I mention Clay. That's messed up considering I used to talk to about half of you.

Flame me, whatever. There are more important things in life now than OMG!!!!111111!!! RP!

Call/text me or something. I might not answer but leave a message. just knowing someone cares helps a lot sometimes. :-\ 207-890-2515

...edit. She's gone. :'(
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