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I know someone on my list RPs. And it's not just me. And someone has got to like Will Young (or anyone else who can sing and is supergay? even Jai Rodriguez, oops.). And is willing to hook him up temporarily with a certain iconed dude.

I thought if I bolded it, people would be more apt to pay attention. I ask here because I'd rather write with someone I know can write and has skills. I didn't want to go whore myself on RPGads because sometimes, you get some fuzzy people there and they talk to you and you seem happy with them and when you get down to the nitty gritty? They.Suck. Big.Time. And you hate yourself because they are supernice and you can't bring yourself to axe it. So yes. I'd say I'd give you icons or blends or something but my graphics really suck. If the characters get busy, you'll get great sex? :-x I don't know what to bribe you people with.

Or ya know...everyone could ignore my post. Like the last one. :'(

If that happens, I'll be forced to whore myself in RPGads and I really don't want to. I like to think I don't suck big time and that I'm actually pretty good. There's a history that goes along with it, so the storyline would already be there...ah, who am I kidding.

*goes to whore self in RPGads*
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